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Innovation & Professionalism in Coaching

Iulia Dobre-Trifan
Iulia Dobre-TrifanLife & Executive Mentor Coach
Iulia Dobre-Trifan
Iulia Dobre-TrifanLife & Executive Mentor Coach
Leaders face challenges consisting more and more in successfully balancing between people and results, vision and implementation, global competition and fast changing business contexts. Executive coaching is, first of all, a new style of leadership, one that focuses on learning and boosting performance, at individual, team and company level.

Ciprian Dobre-Trifan
Ciprian Dobre-TrifanTechnical Mentor Coach
Ciprian Dobre-Trifan
Ciprian Dobre-TrifanTechnical Mentor Coach
In over 10 years of working as a trainer, developer, project manager, technical solutions and teams architect, I’ve learned that mastery in software engineering cannot be achieved only through excellent technical skills. I challenge you to discover an entire universe of creative solutions and intriguing problems that involve people and teams in the projects you’re working on.

Pragmatic Coaching Benefits

Practical Knowledge of Specialized Coaching

that you can directly apply with any manager in your company or any coaching client.

A Community of Experienced Coaches

that you can call upon for any question regarding your coaching practice as well as any specific challenges you may face.

Increase of Your Individual Tonus

by becoming a part of a challenging, intensive, professional community that will motivate you to become a better leader, a better professional, a better person.

Opportunities for Practicing Coaching

The day-long coaching practice sessions that we’ve included in all our programs, subsequent to training sessions, are the best way for you to observe, apply and experientially learn coaching skills, attitudes and aptitudes. Everything happens under the observation of our experienced mentor coaches and in the presence of your program fellows.

Mentoring for Your Coaching Practice

During the program, you’ll be assigned a number of coaching sessions (depending on the program) to practice with colleagues in your company or with fellow Club members. Subsequently, you receive individual coaching sessions with your own mentor, who assists you with the challenges you face while actually practicing coaching.

Alignment with International Standards

Our coaching specific programs are aligned with the general principles of the coaching profession, as defined by ICF(International Coach Federation) & IIC&M (International Institute of Coaching&Mentoring). 


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What is the place of pragmatism in the virtual world of software and technology? How can this concept, which deals...

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Spații care te ridică, spații care te coboară

În coaching, ca și în viață, spațiul este un concept folosit pentru a descrie un evantai de factori pe fundalul cărora...

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Provocarea responsabilității în Life Coaching și în grădină

Nevoia de a controla Nevoia de a controla și credințele personale despre abilitatea proprie de a influența ceea ce ni...

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Provocări în Life Coaching

Provocarea ca instrument de motivare către depășirea limitelor În coaching, folosim provocarea ca instrument de...

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Lumini și umbre - viața prin coaching pragmatic

Mediul în care trăim este răspunzător, într-o oarecare măsură, de peisajul întunecat în care pare, în prezent, pictată...

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Stabilitate și schimbare - viața prin coaching pragmatic

A tinde către o zonă de confort, în care totul este previzibil și puține surprize ar putea să tulbure aparenta...

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Pachetul "Antifragil" de coaching pragmatic online

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Pachete Achiever de Coaching Pragmatic

  Te întâlnești zilnic cu provocări la tot pasul. Te gândești că nu ai cum să faci tot ceea ce îți propui. Fie...

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Kitul Achiever de coaching pragmatic

Știința din spatele magiei în coaching De când lucrez coaching, pentru clienți individuali și pentru companii, am...

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Pune-ți visurile în practică prin Coaching Pragmatic!

Toți visăm la ceva anume la un moment dat. Face parte din natura umană ca orice persoană să viseze și să își dorească...

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Pragmatic Coaching Club - Who Do You Return from Vacation?

In this article, you can find information about our last Pragmatic Coaching Club Meeting with the theme “How to...

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5 Moduri în care Coachingul Pragmatic te poate ajuta să te Descoperi în Vacanță

Poate ai luat în considerare de mai multe ori să intri în contact cu Coachingul Pragmatic, dar în cele din urmă te-ai...

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Supraviețuirea la locul de muncă

Job-ul este în mare măsură locul în care ne petrecem o mare parte din viață. Este locul în care plecăm în fiecare...

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How to Survive Daily at Work through Pragmatic Coaching?

Last month, at the Pragmatic Coaching Club, Andrei Cristian started the evening with a question that probably not many...

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Puterea Coachingului Pragmatic

Setarea obiectivelor are rolul de a oferi ordine, claritate în acțiunile pe care le întreprindem zilnic, acestea...

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Pragmatic Coaching Club – How do you approach other perspectives? The 14th of March Meeting Retrospective

It was a beautiful evening of March and we were all together, in a very nice place, ready to approach another...

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