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Technical Coaching Bootcamp

The only specialized, intensive, short-term pragmatic technical coaching training program that offers managers and tech leads the unique opportunity to test the efficiency of applying coaching in their daily challenges.

Technical Coaching Bootcamp Suits You if...

Manager profile

You are experienced in formal or informal management or leadership, in a domain where technology plays an important role, and you are open to discovering new and powerful ways of maximizing your results and those of your team.
You want to update or improve your knowledge of the technical aspects of the products or services you manage in order to be able to evaluate and decide between the various technical and technological options available.
You have a busy schedule, with limited availability, so you prefer fast and very practical learning solutions, that you can directly apply and transform into visible results.

Software Engineer Profile

You are experienced in software engineering, technical leadership (formal or informal) and you are open to discovering new and powerful ways of maximizing your results and those obtained with your technical colleagues as well as the negotiation and collaboration with managers and business profiles.
You want to extend your skill set with the ability to negotiate and get buy-in for your solutions and technical vision over the product lines, involving people and teams, both technical and business oriented, which represent stakeholders for the projects you are working on.
You have a busy schedule, with limited availability, so you prefer fast and very practical learning solutions, that you can directly apply and transform into visible results.

Structure and Duration of the Training Program

3,5 days + individual practice

0 days
of training
0 day
of coaching practice (mix of group and individual coaching activities, facilitated by a mentor-coach)
individual coaching sessions (to be done by you with colleagues from your company or members of the club)
0,5 day
closing mentor-coaching session (share with the group lessons learned during the training program)

Training Modules

Benefits of Participating to the Technical Coaching Bootcamp Training Program

Your Participation Guarantees You...

Practical Knowledge of Specialized Coaching

that you can directly apply with anyone in your company or any other coaching client.

Access to a Community of Experienced Coaches (Mentor-Coaches)

that you can call upon for any question regarding your coaching practice as well as any specific challenges you may face.

Increase of Your Individual Tonus

by participating in challenging, intensive, professional community that will motivate you to become a better leader, a better professional, a better person.

Coaching Practice

The day-long coaching practice sessions that we’ve included in all our training programs, subsequent to coaching training sessions, are the best way for you to observe, apply and experientially learn coaching skills, attitudes and aptitudes. Everything happens under the observation of our experienced mentor coaches and in the presence of your program fellows.

Your Own Mentored Practice

During the program, you’ll be assigned a number of coaching sessions (depending on the program) to practice with colleagues in your company or with fellow Club members. Subsequently, you receive individual coaching sessions with your own mentor, who assists you with the challenges you face while actually practicing coaching.

Professional Community

You become fellow in a community of specialists with extensive professional skills and varied skillsets who share at least one common interest: practicing coaching. You have access to a wide range of benefits, including professional reports, personal branding, quality networking and the sustained challenges, motivation & support of our mentor coaches.

We Assure You of Our Commitment to the Quality of Our Coaching Services through...

Mentor Coaches' CVs

Our mentor coaches are highly respected professionals, ranging 10+ years of experience in organizations and projects, where they’ve been achieving results by applying coaching principles, tools, techniques & approaches, in a variety of multicultural, business-wide and industry-specific contexts.

Alignment with International Standards

Our coaching specific programs are aligned with the general principles of the coaching profession, as defined by ICF(International Coach Federation) & IIC&M (International Institute of Coaching&Mentoring). 


Options for Any Career Level

Pragmatic Coaching Club provides a wide range of activities for developing a coaching practice, be it as freelance coach, business coach, corporate coach, or coaching sympathizer.


Broșura Pragmatic Coaching 2018


Check out the planning of the next Technical Coaching Bootcamp training session of the Pragmatic Coaching School

Technical Coaching Bootcamp - Autumn 2018 training session

Wed-Thu, September 26-27 2018

Training - Bridging the Communication Gap, Coaching Principles, Building Trust, Towards Co-creation and Synergy

You'll spend two days learning how to balance the "Managereze vs Tehnicongoleze" polarity in communication, develop "Engagement", approaching situations "Judicative vs Non-judicative" as a pragmatic coaching principle, building trust in the "Engineer vs Manager" polarity and how to enable co-creation and synergy by balancing the "Telling vs. Asking" polarity.

Wed-Thu, September 26-27 2018

Fri, September 28th 2018

Coaching Practice

You'll spend a day practicing a mix of group and individual coaching activities, facilitated by a mentor-coach.

Thu, November 1st 2018

Closing Session

You'll spend half a day in a mentor-coaching closing session in which you will spend with the group the lessons you have learned during the training program.

Thu, November 1st 2018

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