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Iulia Dobre-Trifan
Iulia Dobre-TrifanExecutive Mentor Coach
Iulia Dobre-Trifan
Iulia Dobre-TrifanExecutive Mentor Coach
Leaders face challenges consisting more and more in successfully balancing between people and results, vision and implementation, global competition and fast changing business contexts. Executive coaching is, first of all, a new style of leadership, one that focuses on learning and boosting performance, at individual, team and company level.

Ciprian Dobre-Trifan
Ciprian Dobre-TrifanTechnical Mentor Coach
Ciprian Dobre-Trifan
Ciprian Dobre-TrifanTechnical Mentor Coach
In over 10 years of working as a trainer, developer, project manager, technical solutions and teams architect, I’ve learned that mastery in software engineering cannot be achieved only through excellent technical skills. I challenge you to discover an entire universe of creative solutions and intriguing problems that involve people and teams in the projects you’re working on.

Bogdan Grădinaru
Bogdan GrădinaruLife Mentor Coach
Bogdan Grădinaru
Bogdan GrădinaruLife Mentor Coach
Performance is a choice and I personally encourage you to make it. Through life coaching and will power we’ll be able to access, together, the true potential that will lead you to excellent performance. We are all gifted with an incredible range of options and opportunities. All that it takes for you to be successful is to choose the ones that suit you best.

Yes, you
Yes, youProfessional Coach
Yes, you
Yes, youProfessional Coach
Investing in your own development is probably the best decision you can make. Don't be afraid that you may be going a little slow. Your results will make the wait worthwhile, because the fruit of success is sweet. You are 3 steps away from becoming an active member of our coach team. Take part in its construction and think of it as a long term investment in your future.

Services for Your Coaching Career

The First Step
The BootCamp Coach

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."

George Eliot
Your coaching journey starts by setting the right foundations, by learning the core principles of coaching and by experiencing on your own the sort of results you can reach by practicing coaching, in your specific contexts and directly applied to your specific challenges.

Step Two
The Practitioner Coach

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

You continue by sustained practice. You will perform exercises, you will train, you will explore, you will solve challenging situations, by experiential learning and by applying hands-on first class coaching tools, real-time coaching techniques and solutions-focused coaching concepts.

The Step to Mastery
The Master Coach

"My business is to succeed, and I’m good at it."

Napoleon Bonaparte
After you’ve been practicing coaching for a while, you’re headed towards mastery. You are already a good coach, you’ve seen the power of coaching in real-time, through the results you’ve facilitated for people and systems. You’re now facing the challenge of exploring new horizons, pushing beyond previously acceped limits and maximising results.

Join our Coaching Club!



  • One FREE Participation to the Club’s Monthly Meeting
  • Closed Group Membership


100+ VAT / Month

  • Professional Reports - Dedicated Newsletter
  • Club’s Monthly Meeting
  • Closed Group Membership
  • Coaching Career Plan – monthly 1-to-1 individual session with a mentor coach
  • Personal Branding – including profile publishing and professional activity promotion using the Club's communication channels (site, social media closed group, newsletter)
  • 1 Guest / Month - whom you can invite to a club members' meeting
  • Special Discounts On All Our Learning Programs - Bootcamp, Practitioner and Master

Pragmatic Coaching Club Benefits

Your Participation Guarantees You...

Practical Knowledge of Specialized Coaching

that you can directly apply with any manager in your company or any coaching client.

Access to a Community of Experienced Coaches (Mentor-Coaches)

that you can call upon for any question regarding your coaching practice as well as any specific challenges you may face.

Increase of Your Individual Tonus

by participating in challenging, intensive, professional community that will motivate you to become a better leader, a better professional, a better person.

Coaching Practice

The day-long coaching practice sessions that we’ve included in all our programs, subsequent to training sessions, are the best way for you to observe, apply and experientially learn coaching skills, attitudes and aptitudes. Everything happens under the observation of our experienced mentor coaches and in the presence of your program fellows.

Your Own Mentored Practice

During the program, you’ll be assigned a number of coaching sessions (depending on the program) to practice with colleagues in your company or with fellow Club members. Subsequently, you receive individual coaching sessions with your own mentor, who assists you with the challenges you face while actually practicing coaching.

Professional Community

You become fellow in a community of specialists with extensive professional skills and varied skillsets who share at least one common interest: practicing coaching. You have access to a wide range of benefits, including professional reports, personal branding, quality networking and the sustained challenges, motivation & support of our mentor coaches.

We Assure You of Our Commitment to the Quality of Our Coaching Services through...

Mentor Coaches' CVs

Our mentor coaches are highly respected professionals, ranging 10+ years of experience in organizations and projects, where they’ve been achieving results by applying coaching principles, tools, techniques & approaches, in a variety of multicultural, business-wide and industry-specific contexts.

Alignment with International Standards

Our coaching specific programs are aligned with the general principles of the coaching profession, as defined by ICF(International Coach Federation) & IIC&M (International Institute of Coaching&Mentoring). 


Options for Any Career Level

Pragmatic Coaching Club provides a wide range of activities for developing a coaching practice, be it as freelance coach, business coach, corporate coach, or coaching sympathizer.

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