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  • Are Your People on a Job or on a Mission ?

    What makes some normal work-related activities be such joy-bringing and joyful activities? Could it be the fact that I, just like the guide next to me, am on a mission, not a job? Could it be that we see what we do… not as a plain, boring, job to do, for some reward of some kind, but as something else, something bigger and more meaningful?

  • Top 3 Deal M(Bre)aking Attitudes... in Business

    Here's a top 3 of attitudes that you’ve probably already met, that may easily make or break a deal. These attitudes vary from one culture to another. But they are important for most cultures, as they define Commitment, which is fundamental for Trust, which is fundamental for Good Business.

  • Pragmatic Coaching

    The one who dreams, is alive! The one who achieves his dreams, lives!

    I will tell you a story, a true story from my life:

    When I was 7 years old, I had a wish. I wished to  have a bicycle and I asked my mother to buy me one. I’ve seen other children enjoying their bicycles and all I wanted at that moment was to have one too. My mother promised me that she will buy me a bicycle but only if in my first year of school I get a...

  • The Winds of Career Change

    “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

    This is one of W. Edwards Deming’s iconic tips of wisdom, one that has been quoted in a variety of domains, to advocate the need for change.

    However, looking at the business landscape nowadays, what does it really mean to change, as far as one’s career is concerned? And how does survival connect, from a professional standpoint, with change?

  • Benefits - Pragmatic Coaching Club

    At some point, you probably ask yourself, as we did, “Why should I join a club?” Why would I need to meet people who share ideas from domains I’m interested in, as long as there are so many groups on social media which I can follow online?

  • pragmatic coaching

    All the people are so much bigger on the inside but first, they should discover it !

    Be more pragmatic and concentrate less on emotions or ideals. We don’t say that we should forget about emotions at all, we say that the focus should be on taking action in order to achieve smart objectives.

    Our first meeting in Pragmatic Coaching Club was on the 4th of May, a nice spring evening, at Bohemia Tea House. Can I say that tea was great? It was, and I will come back again in future. But, first of all, I want to tell you more about this evening. Our team had the opportunity to spend quality time in the company of very nice people. Everything was just perfect and we know that all the discussions brought us valuable information for our next meetings and for improving the pragmatic coaching delivery...

  • Pragmatic Coaching

                 If you have chosen a direction, set up your objectivesand take action to achieve them. Enjoythe road, breath in the details which help you find solutionsand focus on the horizon. Taking action will inspire you to keep your balance. Balance is movement. Balance is riding towards the future. Just like riding a bicycle, when all you need to do to keep moving is to keep your balance. Everything else will keep you in standby.

    Taking action makes you pragmatic. And YES! This is PRAGMATIC COACHING!

  • Pragmatic Coaching

    Hello again! Nice to meet you on our newest testimonial of our monthly meetings at Pragmatic Coaching Club!  

    We met for the first time outside the city, in a corner of nature, to apply a new coaching exercise, derived from the TGROWmodel, to facilitate insights and action plans regarding our travel expectations and ideals. Enjoying a green space and a holiday setting, we talked about the travel locations that best fit our goals, by exploring reality, optionsand actions(ways forward).  

  • Pragmatic Coaching

    Hello again! Nice to meet you on our newest testimonial of our monthly meetings at Pragmatic Coaching Club

    We met again on the lovely premises of Bohemia Tea House, to approach, from a pragmatic coaching mindset, one of the most challenging and beautiful ideals, often a long term coaching objective: balance in our life. It has been a highly interactive meeting, with carefully designed coaching exercises, that we explored both individually and as a group.  

    We’ve been particularly happy about the level of engagement of our colleagues, who have shown both openness and willingness to share their concerns, as they assumed client roles in the exercises, as well as insightfulness and availability to learn, as they assumed coaching roles in the exercises.  

    The focus of the exercises was the balance in our involvement in supporting the different roles of a company and in the second part of the meeting we explored a similar exercise, to highlight the importance of balance in various areas of personal interest such as family, health, friends, personal and professional development etc. 

    On July 15, at a new meeting of the Pragmatic Coaching Club, we will approach a completely new and exciting coaching exercisetravel coaching, as we are on holidays. How you can choose a destination that suits you best by applying coaching, you'll discover the next month. For enrollments, please fill out this FORM

    Become today a member of Pragmatic Coaching Club and you’ll discover more information about Executive Coaching, Technical Coaching and Life Coaching

  • Pragmatic Life Coaching

    Carismazornaie ca un clopotel atasat de coada unui sarpe, desi cel ce o poarta este surd. Carisma poate fi insotita de competenta si caracter sau poate fi goala, doar o forma care seduce. Carisma este o arma cu doua taisuri. Partea mai taioasa este cea care nu poate genera incredere iar cealalta parte genereaza doar comunicare fara fond.

  • Pragmatic Coaching - Can you remember when...?

    Can you remember when you started to communicate?

    Can you hear your own old scream? Can you remember your parents smile at that time? Can you?

    Our first steps in communication are far, far away from this time. We were the center of attention and any scream, babble, word and pantomime kept our audience happy.  But it was a moment, a trigger, when our words began turning into something common, a noise for the others, and all of this changed the authenticity of our communication. The ones that stopped to communicateat that point now have an inauthentic communication.

  • Pragmatic Life Coaching

    Pe Matei l-am cunoscut la un curs de comunicare in 2010. In timp ce încercam să îmi răspund in pauză la câteva întrebări privind păstrarea echilibrului in comunicarea cu clienții, s-a apropiat de mine și cu un glas stins, mi-a cerut un marker. Matei era un băiat tânăr, puțin trecut de 25 de ani, cu ochi blajini și verzi, cu un păr cârlionțat ce ii acoperea urechile, înalt și cu o privire căutătoare. A luat markerul si s-a apropiat lent de whiteboard. In partea de sus a scris, cu litere mari, un singur cuvânt: “OBIECTIVE”.  

  • 1 an, 52 de cărți, 12943 de pagini

    Am reușit, în 2017, să ating obiectivul de self coaching pe care mi l-am propus. Am citit 52 de cărți, câte una pentru fiecare săptămână din an!

  • The world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust
  • Autenticitatea si adresarea intrebarilor
  • Retrospectiva întâlnirii din 18 Ianuarie a clubului de coaching pragmatic

    Pragmatic Coaching Club – Retrospectiva întâlnirii din 18 Ianuarie

    Întâlnirile lunare din cadrul Clubului de Pragmatic Coaching, incluse în cele două tipuri de abonamente, Standard sau Professional, ale Școlii de Pragmatic Coaching, au rolul de a te introduce în domeniul coaching-ului, prin exerciții și concepte de coaching pentru a te susține în obiectivul tău de dezvoltare personală și profesională. Tema întâlnirii de joi, 18 ianuarie, a fost “Viața ta printr-un motor de căutare”, temă de Coaching Tehnic Pragmatic. Descarcă de aici broșura și vezi aici calendarul, pentru a afla mai multe informații despre Școala și Clubul de Coaching Pragmatic.

  • Pragmatic Life Coaching

    De vorbă cu viața - Pragmatic Life Coaching

    Lumea pe care am creat-o este un proces al gândirii noastre. Nu poate fi schimbată fără a ne schimba gândirea.” – Albert Einstein

    Prin coaching pragmatic, vei reuși să preiei controlul propriei vieți, să revii în locusul intern de control și să îl elimini pe cel extern din viața ta care îți oferă în acest moment acel sentiment fals de confort. Cel mai important este să credem în noi înșine, în propriul potențial, în propriile decizii, să ne asumăm complet viața pe care o scriem zilnic, să fim autentici cu noi înșine dar și cu cei cu care interacționăm și să generăm rezultatele care să ne îndeplinească visurile. Autorul este doar unul: TU!

  • Self-coaching la înălțime

    Fiind coach executiv și antreprenor, îmi explorez continuu motivațiile și derulez un proces susținut de antrenament personal, cu mine însămi (self-coaching). Mă preocupă frecvent a conștientiza și înțelege activitățile care catalizează performanța pentru că, ulterior, recomand oamenilor cu care lucrez aceste activități, catalizatoare de performanță.

  • Relații care te ridică, relații care te coboară

    Relațiile în care trăim ne modelează și influențează, subtil și eficient, cam toate rezultatele pe care ajungem să le avem. Asta se știe :) și este formulat în multiple moduri, și reconfirmat, în vremurile noastre, de cercetătorii britanici (și nu numai…).

  • Zen Cutezătorul

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