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Technical Coaching: Man vs. Machine

Technical Coaching: Man vs. Machine

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Microservices and Containers (e.g. Docker) brought another revolution to the software industry, machines faithfully following Amdahl's Law. Man on the other hand is not as fast to change as the machines one invents and is still faithfully following Conway's Law. How can this struggle be managed ?

Technical Coaching is the answer

"The fundamental learning situation is one in which a person learns by helping someone who really knows what he is doing." Christopher Alexander et al., A Pattern Language, p. 413.

Technical Coaching is a specialization of the Coaching discipline applied to the specific context of the technology filled environment we live and work in nowadays and the specific challenges of both the executive and middle managers as well as tech leads and software engineers that deliver this technology into our lives.

But first, let's drill down a bit into the contexts of these 'opposing' sides we are referring to.

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