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Pragmatic Coaching Club - August '17 Meeting Retrospective

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As we have grown accustomed to, a new Pragmatic Coaching Club meeting was held in the same kind of pleasant setting, at Bohemia Tea House. It was a new coaching evening with executive coaching tools used.

Last week we met to practice coaching on an executive coaching topic: "Business Vision". Using a Business Model Canvas tool we designed individual and collective business models. We put them all on paper, detailing each step of the chosen business model and made an overview of the implications. It was a very constructive exercise that generated a bunch of different ideas from each participant. In the same room, a group of entrepreneurs got disconnected from common business models and outlined ideas that could be implemented immediately. We pragmatically thought out the steps needed to get the businesses to the next level. The climax of the evening was the moment when, divided into teams of 3 participants, we had to coagulate 3 business ideas into one. Totally different business ideas gave birth to a new business model, more seated, stronger and more exciting. This is an exercise that we recommend for group creativity by applying a series of open questions in a pragmatic coaching style.

Check out the video in this article for a closer look at what happened during this month's meeting.

On September 21st , when the next club meeting will take place, we will apply more coaching tools to a life coaching topic, namely "Conflict in Collaborative Relationships."

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