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Pragmatic Coaching
Pragmatic Coaching

Hello again! Nice to meet you on...

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Hello again! Nice to meet you on our newest testimonial of our monthly meetings at Pragmatic Coaching Club

We met again on the lovely premises of Bohemia Tea House, to approach, from a pragmatic coaching mindset, one of the most challenging and beautiful ideals, often a long term coaching objective: balance in our life. It has been a highly interactive meeting, with carefully designed coaching exercises, that we explored both individually and as a group.  

We’ve been particularly happy about the level of engagement of our colleagues, who have shown both openness and willingness to share their concerns, as they assumed client roles in the exercises, as well as insightfulness and availability to learn, as they assumed coaching roles in the exercises.  

The focus of the exercises was the balance in our involvement in supporting the different roles of a company and in the second part of the meeting we explored a similar exercise, to highlight the importance of balance in various areas of personal interest such as family, health, friends, personal and professional development etc. 

On July 15, at a new meeting of the Pragmatic Coaching Club, we will approach a completely new and exciting coaching exercisetravel coaching, as we are on holidays. How you can choose a destination that suits you best by applying coaching, you'll discover the next month. For enrollments, please fill out this FORM

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