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pragmatic coaching club
pragmatic coaching

... On Our First Club Meeting!

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All the people are so much bigger on the inside but first, they should discover it !

Be more pragmatic and concentrate less on emotions or ideals. We don’t say that we should forget about emotions at all, we say that the focus should be on taking action in order to achieve smart objectives.

Our first meeting in Pragmatic Coaching Club was on the 4th of May, a nice spring evening, at Bohemia Tea House. Can I say that tea was great? It was, and I will come back again in future. But, first of all, I want to tell you more about this evening. Our team had the opportunity to spend quality time in the company of very nice people. Everything was just perfect and we know that all the discussions brought us valuable information for our next meetings and for improving the pragmatic coaching delivery...

 All of us enjoyed the game of coach – coachee and the gifts (very nice books) and the most important thing of the evening was that we choose to make things happens

We talked about our programs of executive coaching, life coaching and technical coaching, about how we will meet again at the next sessions by joining the available club memberships (pragmaticcoaching.progsquad.ro). Each of us shared things about himself/herself, we connected with each other by discussing day-to-day situations that we brainstormed for pragmatic solutions. The atmosphere was relaxing and really, I’m still feeling relaxed after 7 days! We all benefited from empathic, active listening from our colleagues and we promised ourselves that we’ll make the next sessions even more beautiful and more inspiring!

If you want to join the club, just fill the membership form on pragmaticcoaching.progsquad.ro and let’s meet in June to discover what pragmatic coaching means and how it can help you empower your own potential for achieving your objectives, both in personal and professional life.

And in the end, do not forget: “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson.

With adequate questions you can find the answer and the solutions for all the obstacles.

Read more about Pragmatic Coaching Club on pragmaticcoaching.progsquad.ro to discover the benefits of coaching programs, benefits of membership and a lot of valuables information for you.

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