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Pragmatic Coaching Club – February Meeting Retrospective

Pragmatic Coaching Club – February Meeting Retrospective

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In February, Pragmatic Coaching Club met again to talk about love. Apparently, this was a very controversial topic because it kind of engaged all of us to share our opinion with the others. It seems like the name of the meeting – How do you discover love? – was provocative enough to make people feel curious and enthusiastic about the issue. As a facilitator, I often felt surprised by the amount of different ideas generated by such a simple word!

Life coaching – a key tool for expanding the concept of love

Through pragmatic coaching exercises, we understood that the concept of love can be associated with a person, an emotion, a relationship, an object, a hobby, an activity, a profession, a pet, nature and many more. Something someone said is still on my mind: "We could find as many definitions for love as people living on the Earth." – funny thing to say but totally accurate.

At first sight, for most people, love is about passion, couple and physical attraction – that kind of love which we recognize in the beginning of a relationship, where intense emotions seem to mean everything. As time goes by, we realize something important: we can love and become attached not only to persons, but also to activities, principles and even objects. For example, one can choose to be fully engaged in their profession because they are feeling deeply connected to the meaning and purpose of it. Another situation can be when a person enjoys spending time with a specific individual without any romantic involvement. 

What types of love can these two represent? Are there any more forms of love we often forget about? Actually, yes! We started our meeting by bringing into the light the ancient Greek words for love: Eros – passionate, sexual love that I was talking about before, Philia – affection between friends, Ludus – childish, playful love, Agape – humankind love, Pragma – mature love that we find in long-lasting marriages, Philautia – self-love, that kind of love that we develop when we accept ourselves completely.

One person drew our attention to the the fact that, nowadays, there are many patterns trying to restrict and regulate love, for example, the endless discussions about homosexual couples. The big question is: Who has the right to set our boundaries when talking about love? Shouldn’t each of us decide by ourselves what we need?

When I was thinking about love, one simple word crossed my mind: writing. When I was a little girl, I used to love writing in my diary – those sheets of paper were my greatest and trustworthy confessor. Whenever I was feeling confused or simply in need of some time alone, I would sat down at my table and just write. In time, I began to love this form of self-care and now I understand what this ritual really means: self-love – affectionate attention to myself. I guess any word can mean something very special for one person! Do you have a love related word that has an extremely important meaning for you? Think about it!


Technical coaching – learn how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes!

For the next meeting, we challenge whoever wants to come to the Club to think about being in a situation where different perspectives are shared. What is it like? Maybe you talk to your partner about a subject you both are interested in and, fortunately, you realize he or she is sharing your opinion about it. Great! But what about those moments when his or her perspective is very different from yours? How do you handle that kind of situation? How open-minded would you be? We can guide you through your own searching and, with a bit of motivation and concentration, you will find the answers.

It it perfectly normal for you to have your own core values and beliefes just like other people have their own. It is also right to speak your mind when having a conversation with someone, especially if the topic matters to you. What I am trying to ask you is: What is it that you could learn from listening to your partner’s opinion? – if you begin to carefully listen to what other people have to say about a specific subject, you will see that you don’t have to agree with them and change your mind. Instead, you will be able to view a situation from different perspectives and, therefore, you will get closer to reality. That’s what we are trying to do at the Club, through coaching sessions, and that’s the reason we encourage participants to respect our principles: non-directivity and non-judgement.

So, we are eager to know you if you feel like exploring with us the next theme: How do you approach other perspectives? It will take place in Bucharest, on March 14. If you would like to join us on our meeting and get to know the people in the Club, I kindly invite you to sign up here.

Life Coaching Practitioner – an opportunity for you to become coach!

On March 21, we’ll get our new training started! What is it about? Most importantly, it’s a great learning experience for you if you enjoy working with people and if you are interested in becoming a professional coach. Life Coaching Practitioner is an internationally accredited coaching program by International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, lasting 6 months and it will be facilitated by Iulia Dobre-Trifan, Accredited Senior Coach. This program will offer you the opportunity to learn essential information as well as to experience coaching. The main themes which will be discussed during the training are:

  • The Pragmatic Coaching Approach
  • The Coaching Relationship
  • Discovering Potential
  • Facilitating Learning & Results

For more information, read (here) about Life Coaching Practitioner on our website! If you’ve already decided to engage in such a wonderful, life-changing experience, you can register for it right here! We are curious about you and we are waiting to start a new life coaching journey together!