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Benefits - Pragmatic Coaching Club
Benefits - Pragmatic Coaching Club

Benefits - Pragmatic Coaching Club

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At some point, you probably ask yourself, as we did, “Why should I join a club?” Why would I need to meet people who share ideas from domains I’m interested in, as long as there are so many groups on social media which I can follow online?

The internet seems to have brought us closer but the reality is that it creates an enormous space between people. In fact, the online interactions offer the possibility of deeply inauthentic communication.

But why do we need communication to be authentic? Is it helpful? Yes, it helps us connect to the reality, the pure state of emotions, to actively share our experiences and to grow ourselves, professionally and personally.
Pragmatic Coaching Club successfully combines online communication, which makes us feel so connected in this overwhelming era of accelerated technology, with direct interactions, through monthly group meetings. And this is one of the reasons to become an active member of our club!

The coaching activities offer advantages that some of you have not yet discovered. Not because you did not try to discover, but because you lacked the possibility to access what coaching is, what coaching means, without having to commit to complex, elaborated, learning programs.
Today this possibility becomes real, more real than ever, because in Pragmatic Coaching Club you can choose between 3 different types of membership, each providing you access to the benefits of coaching, the discovery of what coaching means and what results coaching generates, depending on your actual needs!

And YES! If… 

  • you are considering the possibility to interact with the best executive coaches, life coaches or technical coaches,
  • you are actively seeking success, regardless of your current job/position in a company or in a freelance career,
  • you want to improve your personal life,
  • you want to develop your technical skills,
  • you want a career as an executive coach, a life coach or a technical coach,
  • you want to get in touch with experienced coaches, to observe their activities,
  • you want to enjoy the perks of coaching or you just want to interact with people who share a passion for coaching,
  • you want to become a leader as a coach,
    there is a very simple thing you can do, right now: join the club by filling the registration form! 

Why should you join our Club? For all the above, and also for: 

  • your professional growth, through brainstorming, experience sharing and practical interactive learning, with colleagues who practice coaching themselves and by accessing the latest studies, trends and valuable articles ;
  • you to enlarge your professional network, since Pragmatic Coaching Club is a hub of coaches from different fields, a communication and collaboration network that is extremely valuable as it offers support for the initiatives of individuals in the Club, concrete information and guidance in various daily challenges ;
  • you to contribute to the growth of coaching in Romania. As every single coaching fellow has the opportunity to share his/her vision and to shape this field, you can be one of the professionals who positively influence the qualitative improvement of this new, exciting area of learning and development. 

What are the costs?
For you to get to know us and to see how you like the Club and how it benefits you, we conceived the free membership, which gives you access to one Club meeting, and to our communication groups, without any payment! It is our gift to you and you can access it as soon as you fill the application form!

After that you can choose a Standard Subscription, of 50 Euros + VAT/monthly, or a Professional Subscription, of 100 Euros + VAT/monthly. And do not forget! This is your investment in you! Only you can choose if it's worth it to invest in your evolution on professional and personal life! Together we can build a better future and with your involvement you can achieved a better equilibrium in life!

And for all of this, the Standard Subscription gives you the following extra benefits:

  • Professional Reports - Dedicated Newsletter, information which even "our Google friend" can not offer you;
  • Club’s Monthly Meeting - live discussions of the most frequent daily situations for which we can not find solutions or there are not that efficient as we would like;
  • Closed Group Membership or quality networking, as we like to call it. We will found our own valuable "tribe", which will be our best life breath;
  • Coaching Career Plan Start-Up – One individual session with a mentor coach who will assist you in drafting it and put it on motion. Career plan? Already it is not just a topic on job interviews, which we would like to avoid, but it is becoming slowly one of the short, medium and long term objectives;
  • Special Discounts on All Our Learning Programs - Bootcamp, Practitioner and Master because we like for you to evolve and because we enjoy offering support to all the ones willing to do more and to get out of their comfort zone. 

But wait! As we said, you can choose the ultimate subscription - The Professional Subscription which, as for the Standard one, has the following extra benefits: 

  • Coaching Career Plan – monthly 1-to-1 individual session with a mentor coach because we draft it, put it in motion but we would like also to observe it together for as long as you will consider it to be necessary. We are here to offer you support in achieving your goals and your desired success and to celebrate it together;
  • Personal Branding – including profile publishing and professional activity promotion using the Club's communication channels (site, social media closed group, newsletter) because we will very much enjoy that the Pragmatic Coaching brand to guide you in developing your own personal brand. It is an amazing association for as long as you are a professional member of the Club;
  • 1 Guest / Month - whom you can invite to a club members' meeting as we are sure that you look forward that some of your close ones to grow and achieve success. It is your opportunity to offer them this chance and we are here for you in order to make this happen. More precisely we are talking about one distinct monthly guest ( meaning that you can bring as many friends as you like, as they are all worth it of this chance);
  • Special Discounts On All Our Learning Programs - Bootcamp, Practitioner and Master and here we refer to gifts more valuable than the ones on Standard. If you like to receive gifts, here it is! You just have to accept it! 

If you are still not convinced by the Club’s benefits, we invite you to access our page http://pragmaticcoaching.progsquad.ro in order to meet the coach team and to find out more details of the Club’s members programs.

You are our next fellow in Pragmatic Coaching Club and we look forward to meeting you during our live interactions which will take place monthly in a relaxing and enjoyable environment, filled with creativity, individual freedom and quality interaction.

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