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Pragmatic Coaching
Pragmatic Coaching

The 2 Faces of Motherhood

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There are 2 sides to every story. Same rule applies to motherhood. You do not know the whole truth, until you become a mother.

At the first glimpse, you see motherhood as walking in Eden. Pretty moms walking around with their perfect children, with their lovely smile upon their little faces, and those little tiny fingers and curly hair, and everyone is smiling and just being happy. You see pictures on the media with happy families. You see them in the park playing and laughing. You walk along a store, with baby clothes, and cannot help yourself in stopping, or even getting in just to touch those little things, and dreaming about what your baby is going to be: a girl or a boy. You hear, as you walk by, a conversation between a mother and her child and you find adorable the way the child is answering. You see them hugging and kissing, as they open their little heart to their parents. You notice their vulnerability and their need to be loved and to be protected. You look into those tiny eyes and you can see a whole universe.

You admire all of this and you start to desire it. And after a while you find yourself thinking: “I want that! I want to be a mother! I want a child of my own, to hug and to kiss and to play with! I want a family! I want to feel complete! It seems pretty easy and fun!”

* What triggered your desire to become a mother?

* The idea of being a mother, how does it make you feel?

* What do you thing about the messages coming to us daily from media, society, culture, social network, friends and family about starting a family?

Nine months later, truth hits you and you begin to discover the other side of motherhood.

Step by step, day by day, night after night, you begin to understand the complexity of being a mother and what motherhood is really like.

Sleepless nights, exhaustion, worries when your child gets sick like you never felt nor imagined you were able to feel before, confusion of not knowing if you are doing the right thing, guessing about what your child might feel when the crying seems like it would never stop, an illusion of yourself because what you see in the mirror is not the same as what you used to see, a feeling of  hunger like the whole world just run out of groceries because you eat when you have a chance and what you manage to find left in your fridge and your whole house upside down. Running for ten minutes after your child just to put the diaper on, trying all kind of combinations to make the perfect food for your baby just to see him/her eating greedily, establishing a routine for your baby’s sleep and trying all kind of tricks to make your baby fall asleep.

All of this can make you feel like a huge wave just hit you to the ground and you barely can hold your head above the water, but once you succeed in getting to the surface a new feeling arises: fulfillment.

You have arrived. You are a mother and from now on, for the rest of your life, you are complete.

Motherhood is like a rollercoaster and can make you experience the most intense feelings you will ever feel and those little eyes, with a whole world in it waiting to be discovered, make every round to be worth it.

* How do you describe motherhood and your feelings regarding it?

* How do you feel about the daily things that need to be done?

* How do you manage stress?

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