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Pragmatic Coaching
Pragmatic Coaching

A glimpse upon parenting

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When you become a parent your life changes forever!

From the moment you hold your baby into your arms, you begin a new journey. In this journey, you do not know the itinerary, you do not have a destination and you definitely cannot return the ticket, when things get rough. It is the journey of your life, for life.

Everything you ever read or thought you knew about parenting is nothing comparing to the real practicing. In this journey, your motherhood instinct will guide you and help you make the best decision for your child when you find yourself under pressure or in situations that maybe you do not even dare to imagine. And this comes with practice and self-confidence that you build step by step with your child, as he/she grows up.

If you allow yourself you can find out that your baby can be a wonderful teacher for you. The connection you create with your baby is stronger than any language. You do not need your baby to speak to know that he/she is hurting or is just sleepy or just wants your affection. Your love and instinct will guide you and make you able to understand your baby just by looking into his/her eyes.

How do you feel about your connection with your child?

Although there are times, you can find yourself asking: “What am I doing? Is it good? Should I do something extra? Is the child taken care properly or should I do something else? Am I a good mother? Etc.”

All in all, how does a good mother look and act like? Are you on the right track?

Some many questions cross a mother’s mind every minute of the child’s life. Being a parent is not a walk in the park, but it definitely brings you the most intense feelings and satisfaction.

In this journey your patience will be hardly tested and pushed to the limit. Under pressure and stressed situations will take a different shape and multitasking will become your superpower. Sometimes you will even laugh thinking of the times when you used to feel stressed at work. Your new boss wants you 24/24, 7 days/ a week for feeding, changing diapers, singing songs and making smile faces, even when you barely can hold your eyes opened. There is no holiday and you definitely cannot call in sick. 

How do you manage stress? Do you take it out on your child or are you able to control yourself?

Sometimes or many times, you might feel overwhelm, exhausted and even lost. Adapting to the new status of a mother can be difficult for some women and challenging for others. Despite the love you feel for your baby, there is still YOU, the woman before the pregnancy. Rediscovering yourself, finding out that you are still there, that you as a person did not disappear can take time, but with patience you will find yourself in a new and transformed, more beautiful than ever, woman.

How did you manage your feelings after the birth of your child? What do you do to keep yourself in balance and in peace with yourself?

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