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Pragmatic Coaching - Can you remember when...?
Pragmatic Coaching - Can you remember when...?

Can you remember when...?

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Can you remember when you started to communicate?

Can you hear your own old scream? Can you remember your parents smile at that time? Can you?

Our first steps in communication are far, far away from this time. We were the center of attention and any scream, babble, word and pantomime kept our audience happy.  But it was a moment, a trigger, when our words began turning into something common, a noise for the others, and all of this changed the authenticity of our communication. The ones that stopped to communicate at that point now have an inauthentic communication.

We grew up and year after year we are in the position to say more and more. We have ideas, we have opinions but at the same time, we may or may not have an audience any more. Our first audience was our parents and the greatest challenge between children and their parents is communication. After the parents, the primary audience was at school and in our circle of friends. All of a sudden everybody, in an indirect way, wants to change something regarding your thoughts, your way of communication, and your wording. And this makes us insecure about our communication skills.

Can you remember when the change was triggered? 

This insecurity makes us suspicious of our own judgment, our solutions and how we can implement changes in our lives. This insecurity makes you believe that you are not a good speaker and so you choose to let others take action instead of you. But this insecurity is not yours! This insecurity is only a defense mechanism, a way to tell others I have my own opinions, but I don’t want to share them with you because I do not want you to influence them or change them!

Let’s make an exercise of imagination: you are only a child, a baby, and the only thing that you know at this moment is to scream. This is your way to communicate and feel the happiness around you. Nobody wants to stop you! They smile; they encourage you to speak, to say some words. See the picture! You are in the middle of it! The difference between you as a child and you as an adult, is that this child was pragmatic at that time! When he wanted to speak, he spoke and that’s all! Nobody could stop him! His communication was authentic!

But today, our words are calculated and every moment we think about how they could impact others and what could they say about it. Sometimes we choose silence and this way the little leader inside us dies.

We have only two options: to communicate or to choose to be silent. You can hide away in the bird’s nest where nobody can see you or listen to you, or you can choose to stay out of it and let yourself be natural and authentic. For the second option you can choose coaching, be a member of Pragmatic Coaching Club and by joining the Club you can grow again and build your self-confidence.

You will have an amazing experience and through coaching you will discover how to set up your own objectives and how to follow them up, but most importantly you will rediscover your inner force.

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