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Pragmatic Coaching
Pragmatic Coaching

The one who dreams, is alive! The one who...

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The one who dreams, is alive! The one who achieves his dreams, lives!

I will tell you a story, a true story from my life:

When I was 7 years old, I had a wish. I wished to  have a bicycle and I asked my mother to buy me one. I’ve seen other children enjoying their bicycles and all I wanted at that moment was to have one too. My mother promised me that she will buy me a bicycle but only if in my first year of school I get a...

blue ribbon. Well, this promise motivated  me to fight and to win that blue ribbon, which was actuallya crown of beautiful flowers. After that, I expected that my wish will be grantedBut no, the promise couldn’t be kept, for financial reasons.

I was very angry at that time and all my ships sank. My mom told me again that she will buy me that bicycle in the second year of school but…you can figure it out…only if I get another blue ribbon. Well, the fight for the crown had begun once more. And I won it, once again! But the story from the first year repeated…and it repeated in the same way until my fifth grade. 

Every year, the reason was the same: we don’t have the money, even if you got the blue ribbon.

What I want to share withyou is that, after the second grade, upgraded my wish into an objective! And all those years, while I’ve been chasing blue ribbonsI always kept in mind the thought, the motivation, that I will have my wish granted. And this is not all: I also wanted to earn money, so I decided in the fourth grade to rent a bicycle from another child with the purpose to sub-rent it to others. I earned some good money, for my age, but not enough to afford a new bicycle, so I spent it all to buy a cassette recorder

After the fifth grade, my mom gave me some money for buying a second hand bicycle and I bought one from a family who wanted to buy another bicycle, more beautiful, for their son. I bought a PEGAS with 30 RON (300 000 Lei at that moment) but then, my objective had changed: my real objective was to buy, for myself, with my money, a Mountain Bike!

This was the moment when I set up my first actually big objective, which included money,and I set up the first steps to achieve it!

Every year I looked around for opportunities to earn money and the opportunity finally presented itself in the tenth grade. During my summer holiday I decided and announced my family that I would go to the seaside to work as ajunior waiter. “I’ll come back in September!” I told my family and I left. I worked that entire summer and I managed to earn, on my own, theneeded money to complete my old, many years wished for, objective. After ten years I felt great! The possibility to buy that Mountain Bike was real! And I bought it

We all have wishes that maycome true. Or not… We have objectives which we abandon if we don’t achieve them quickly, in short term. But all of them can come true if we believe in them and if we understand that some of them require more time and more effort, in order to be achievedAll we need is to be pragmatic, to take action, step by step. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes the perspectives change but in the end, when we draw the line, we will be able to conclude if all those wishes which became objectives in time, were only dreams, or a reality that we succeeded in making possible. We are alive when we have dreams but only when we achieve them we can say, in all honesty: “I LIVE!

Be more than concerned, worried or feeling blue about life, be a pragmatic dreamer! Coaching is an exciting and challenging way to upgrade your wishes to objectives, then to make the objectives real! Pragmatic Coaching helps you move forward step by step, in order to achieve what you dream of!

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We wish you to become a pragmatic dreamer!